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The Limitation of Man’s Love, The Greatness of God’s Love

Genre: Christian Fiction -Short story collection


The love of man is limited to the understanding of the five senses and subject to change. As a matter of fact, man’s love is transient-it is subject to change-events, people and other factors generally tend to affect man’s love.It appears strong at first, but when the slightest of circumstances creeps in, its bedrock of understanding is really destroyed! Man’s search for true love has in fact turned out to be elusive; hence, brought him to a state of confusion. However, God’s love is not only boundless and selfless; its greatness knows no equal. It is never conditional or subject to change; it endures the test of time.


The love of man is limited to the understanding of the five senses and subject to change. As a matter of fact, man’s love is transient-it is subject to change-events, people and other factors generally tend to affect man’s love.It appears strong at first, but when the slightest of circumstances creeps in, its bedrock of understanding is really destroyed! Man’s search for true love has in fact turned out to be elusive; hence, brought him to a state of confusion. However, God’s love is not only boundless and selfless; its greatness knows no equal. It is never conditional or subject to change; it endures the test of time. His love can never be destroyed, broken nor interrupted but is ever at its peak and always great; unconditionally. God’s outstretched arm of love is real and available to all…

Therefore, the work, “The Limitation of Man’s Love, The Greatness of God’s Love (A Compilation of Short Stories)” explains why God’s love is great and man’s love is limited.“The Limitation of Man’s Love”has two sub-titles; “In Search of Love” and “Love: Long Lost But Now Found” while “Back to God” and “I Have Found God’s Love” are the sub-titles of “The Greatness of God’s Love.”

Interestingly, “I Have Found God’s Love!” is God’s intervention to “In Search of Love…”, the story of  crippled Tyler, delivered by a minister of God from the clutches of sin-lust, smoking and drinking-what he thought would bring him happiness, resulting from the failures of his love tactics towards having for  relationships the young women he admired.

“Love: Long Lost But Now Found” tells the story of Paul whose love life, once lost but later found,  and who, despite his fifteen years of marriage to his wife, Juliana, is still being affected by circumstances…That is how far man’s love can get! On the other hand, “Back to God” and “I Have Found God’s Love” tells the stories of how great and unconditional His love is towards His people, even when they don’t deserve it.

The Greatness of God’s Love, as this work acknowledges, is in His grace by Christ Jesus, whose blood was shed for the world-including YOU!   In all, No love can take the place of The Greatness of God’s Love!

Table of Contents

The Limitation of Man’s Love

  • In Search of Love…




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  • Love: Long Lost But Now Found


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The Greatness of God’s Love

  • Back to God


The Background


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  • I Have Found God’s Love


The Background


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The Limitation of Man’s Love…In Search of Love…



Born and raised in Calgary, Tyler’s predicament sought the need for attention of his loving single mother, Grace. Having to raise the wheelchair-bound Tyler for over fourteen years was difficult for Grace, who had two jobs-teaching and factory work. Despite the challenge, she gave her son what the best of companionship. Since birth, Grace made it a number priority of being there for her son, regardless of how busy she was with her job.

Tyler had a successful nursery and primary school education. He wasn’t the dull type. His intelligence attracted his classmates to him, though he was fun to be with, only once in a blue moon. His peers, male and female pupils of his class, liked him. Alas, he felt incompleteness-the state of his crippled legs and his wheelchair-bound status. His unhappy mood seldom put at armslenght his friends away from him. But this attracted the attention of his class teacher; he would do his very best to instill in him what he deserved-happiness.

However, this would be short-lived as home for Tyler meant only being attended to by his mom but pushed aside by his neighbors. His mom’s efforts to make him ‘equal’ with his contemporaries, neighbors inclusive, were abortive. As Tyler grew older, his confidence and natural exuberance dwindled when he realized he wasn’t able to what able-bodied juveniles were doing. This affected his relationship with his peers, especially the female ones. But someone, who, from childhood, had always accepted Tyler the way he had been, was…Thomas.

It was during his senior years at Calgary Secondary School Tyler saw the need to fall in love…with the opposite sex.  Although Thomas would be prove useful to him in a way, his predicament wouldn’t help matters! Tyler looked forward to the time in his life when the ‘right woman’ would love him for who he is, accept his physical predicament, be in a serious relationship with him and possibly work the aisle with him. But the more Tyler searched for her, the more she kept eluding him!










The Limitation of Man’s Love…In Search of Love…




Chapter One

Sitting adjacent to Thomas as they, together with the twenty-member class waited for the Mathematics teacher, Mr. Clem.

“Tyler, did you watch the movie, “The Alien Love” on Movie Channel yester-night?”

“No!” excited Tyler replied. “What time was it shown?”


“Oh…I was listening to some R N B musicals on Music Channel at that time. I guess I missed a lot…right?”

“Tyler, YOU MISSED A GREAT DEAL!” Thomas stressed. “Where do I begin to tell the story? Do I start from the beginning or the middle or the very end?! Hmmm…boy, you missed a whole lot!”

“Okay…Thomas! I know you watched the movie and you know quite well the story…Could you please tell begin the story? You know we have some time before Mr. Clem begins his Mathematics teaching period”

“I see…It’s quite a long story but I’d have to make it short. But Tyler, you’d need to watch the movie in full to know what I’m saying”

“Just begin, man!” Tyler urged. “You know I’m excited hearing stories that have to do with Aliens and more important, love! Let me hear it, Thomas!”

“The earth was attacked suddenly by aliens whose mission was to make the earth their footstools. Assigned by their master, Kin, they were to wipe out of extinction the entirety of the human race on earth, acquire the precious lands, nature and patterns that made the earth peculiar from their world. In numbers, they descended from their spaceship and began the process of annihilation…men, women, boys and girls, plants, animals, moving and non-moving objects were all destroyed

The Aliens tortured the men to death; most women were raped and then killed. All that the earth cherished was cherished was wiped away in one sweep! Fire gutted the buildings of erected in all parts of the earth-Africa, America, Europe, Asia and other parts of the earth witness unimagined infernos-humans, plants, animals, buildings, monumental structures all suddenly became ruins.

But one of the Aliens was showing some compassion over Whitney, a nineteen-year-old Californian. The other attacking aliens killed her parents, two siblings and her dog. Somehow, the Alien, X, as he later disclosed to Whitney, created an escape from the sight of others.

Thomas, it’s quite a long story… But to cut the whole long story short, X would later fall in love with Whitney. Whitney found it unimaginable to fall in love with a non-human stranger at first. But after the wiping out of what was on earth and the ‘coming-back-home’ of the aliens, Whitney gradually gave in to X. The interesting side of the story was that the complete take-over of the earth by the aliens wasn’t to be because the more X made love to Whitney, the more distorted their subsequent plans to continue what they’ve started!  Although the earth was in a desolate state, the confusion among the aliens and their master, Kin, made it impossible to complete their mission. Of course, thanks to the loving making between Whitney and X!

More interesting was the more X made love to Whitney, the more human he transformed to. As time progressed, X became more human, though he gets to shape-shifts to his Alien form when he loses his cool!

Because they were the only survivors on planet earth, they began to procreate….And in time, the earth regain her glory…peoples, houses, animals, buildings, plants, inventions, all manner of moving and non-moving objects. This was made possible by the power of creation by the Source!”

“Wow! An interesting story it was, Thomas” Reacted Tyler, who had problems sitting properly on his wheelchair because of what he had. “What interested me the most was how Whitney was able to love a non-human…An Alien for that matter!”

“Tyler, love doesn’t identify if you’re human or not…It concern is do you have it in you…”

“Well…It’s worth thinking about…Back to what I was saying! If an alien like X could find love in hands of a pretty Whitney, can’t I, the wheelchair-bound Tyler, find this love?”

“Yes, you can! Only if you can have love in you…”

“How can I, Thomas, have love in me when the people I want to show this love to avoid me?”

“I know it’s not been easy with you all through the years. We’ve been friends since childhood. I know how you’ve been feeling not being loved by others around you. But please, friend, just be patience and in time, you’ll get a woman who’d love you for who you are…”

“For how long? When I’m old, aged or not being able to function at all? The world is a kidding place!”

The conversation between Tyler and Thomas was over. The all-the-while noisy class suddenly became quiet the moment Mr. Clem came in to observe his mathematics teaching period.



The Limitation of Man’s Love…In Search of Love…

Chapter Two

Tyler was in at second level of his Senior Secondary School Year when he convinced himself of the need to be in a relationship with the girl he has feelings for…Jade. Thomas was on hand to help with matters of his heart…

“Tyler, you’ve been disturbing me about Jade. I think this is the time for you to approach her. You can see she’s sitting in front of us.” Thomas whispered.

“I agree! I really want to have her…Thomas; do you think it’s possible for me to have her?”

“Sure! Only if you believe…”

“I think I’ll make the move right now! Please, if you don’t mind, friend, let me be on my way…”

“All the best, Tyler! I’ll be at the school’s Play Ground…then, after the break, we’ll talk!”

Thomas left the class. Tyler wheeled his way towards where Jade sat. At first timid, Tyler summoned the courage to begin the talk…

“Hello” Tyler greeted, looking a bit tensed.

“Hi” replied Jade, showing indifference

“Right from the first day I set my eyes on you, I had been admiring you and as luck would have it, you have been my classmate from one class to the other and till now…I looked forward to when you’ll become…”

Tyler was lost for the right word. Jade realized it.

“Yes, Tyler…you looked forward to when I’ll become your girlfriend. Is that what you wanted to say?”

“Ye…s” Tyler stuttered, appearing frightened.

Jade took a thorough look at Tyler; from the crown of his head down to the soul of his crippled feet, bound to the wheel chair.

“You’re amazing” she chuckled. “Do you think I’ll stoop so low to go out with you? Please, take a good look at yourself before talking to me! I thought you had something very serious to discuss with me only to disturb my peaceful reading of Mills and Boom with your crappy request! Don’t feel insulted, looking at you, I wish to decline your request! I can’t go out with you! Besides, Yale is my boyfriend, more handsome and complete, not like you!”

Tyler felt the whole world crashing on him. He respectfully wheeled his chair back to where he was sited- at the back of the classroom. He placed his head on the desk and took a sober mood till Thomas came.

“Buddy, how did it go with Jade? By the way, why place your head on the desk?”

“Thank goodness you’re here! Jade used my looks to insult me!”

“Oh…Friend! I thought Jade would understand…But women, can they really understand?”

“Guess what, Thomas?”


“I’ll let the whole wide world know that there is ability in disability when I engage myself in my first-ever relationship with the cutest girl ever!”

“That’s the spirit, Tyler! The never-say-never, never-say-die attitude…That’s the character that drives great people towards reaching their goals! Tyler, you can do it! I believe in you! I’m with you all the way! You’re a great person…your never-give-up character is driving you towards meeting the right woman!”

“Yes! Because I was given a ‘no’ response by Jade doesn’t meet the end of the road for me. There are still more doors waiting for me to open! And I’ll! In fact the journey has started!”

“Like I said, I’m with you all the way!”

Miss Sandra began her Physics teaching period shortly afterwards.

Link http://www.ebg247.com/bookdisplays/limitation-mans-love-greatness-gods-love-collection-short-stories









Life’s Twists

The synopsis, genre, excerpt and link are contained in Life’s Twists, an ebg27.com publication.



Life’s Twists parades a series of stories that conveys the influence of ‘twists’ in the lives of people; negatively and positively. This collection of story titles shows changes in the fates of people who ought to have reaped what they have sown but, in the process, make others suffer the good or evil of the same fates or better yet, situational twists. In other words, what ordinarily should be the case of sowing and reaping by those who engendered them becomes the cross of the ‘innocent’! It agrees with Mark Rucksayer: “our universe is made of stories, not atoms”.

Genre: Short story collection, life stories



The work-piece narrates twists in the ordeals of people all around the world. Ranging from personal to professional, educational to business, political to ministerial endeavors, it explores the situations of individuals whose plights fall under them.


Life’s Twists is a seven-chapter material that portrays “situational twists”- what ordinarily should be the case of sowing and reaping by those who engendered them becomes the cross of the ‘innocent’!

Reflecting that the world, since its emergence, had had great affinity for stories, it depicts a matrix of stories that appeal to all peoples of the world because of its peculiarity. Asians, Americans, Europeans, Africans, the Arabs and so forth have their stories mirrored in the literary identity, “Life’s Twists”

The Mirror of Tragic Marriage, the title of the first chapter, is a tragic story, hinged on the stretch of twists that linger as a result of marital breakdown (divorce) from the time of parents to the existence of their children as adults. An account documented by Daniel, friends with Sophia, twin sister to Cindy and whose diary birth the story title, the divorce that eventually ended the marriage between Tom and Cynthia, parents to Sophia and Cindy, was mirrored in the lives of their two daughters who did not leave to enjoy their relationships.

Chapter Two’s “The Graced Fellow” paints a story of a crime-turn-love situation involving a group of armed bandits known as the Notorious Circle. They operated in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt areas of Nigeria. Killing industrialists, merchants, politicians and raping young women epitomized their robbery operations. Individually from the Republic of South Africa and Central African Republic, Moroccan, Cameroonian, Liberian, Kenyan and Nigerian and all residing in Lagos, Nigeria, the seven-man gang became a household name through the nineties. Coming from wealthy backgrounds except for Bode with a twist in his plight, they all had their fill days until the long hands of the law caught up with them. But something happened to Bode…

“The Other Side of Education”, Chapter Three’s title, describes the twists in the fate of Ken and Spencer who had their education at the Kent High School, London England. The former was said to be in the words of Mark Fisher “…a misfortune to mankind”. The latter had all going his way-intelligence and influence. However, Ken would reason that being an “F” in class would not necessarily mean being a failure in life. This would be his motivation throughout his travels till he finally settled in his home, Canterbury, New Zealand after he made it in the business of oil.   While, Spencer, on the other hand, had it all rosy in England, his home country, until financial crisis took a hold on him. This situation created a twist – brought Spencer to his back-in-High-School second-fiddle and then “nobody” Ken after many years and another development came up.

“The Woman In Politics” is Chapter four’s title that depicts the political tussle between Rodriguez and Gloria of the Peoples Party and Empowerment Party respectively. Through politically motivated maneuvers at the expense of her already-wining-by-votes Rodriguez, Gloria stepped out to becoming the first-elected female president of Brazil. The twist first came in favor of Gloria when she was quoted as saying: “…A man has his will but a woman will always have her way…”  In time, “…When there is a will there is a way…” became a favorable twist to Rodriguez when it got to his turn…Lisbon, Portugal and Madrid, Spain where places well known to them.

Chapter Five’s “The Evil Genius” narrates a story of how Park Sung, Korean-American, intended to set the record as the first man to embark on a successful world religious tour. With the P.A.G.A.N movement being set up at twenty one, he had gathered the knowledge about trickery, hypnosis and studied extensively world geography at a certain price…to DEAL with his uncle and master, Jin. For over the next thirty years of his life, he would achieve his agenda until there was a total twist in his blueprint plan!


Chapter Six’s “The Ugly Decision” reports a story of man, David. Growing up under the watchful eyes of his parents who were disciplinarians in Canada, he promised to live a faithful life. However, as he grew older, he became a shadow of what he promised-Promiscuity took a better of him. Due to that, David was unable to settle down in marriage early as did his parents. In fact, during his growing years, he vowed never to have anything in common with the promiscuous Eunice but something happened between them years later…


“The Learning Authoress” is the last chapter’s title. It gives the story of years of rejections by several publishers of the work “The Twists of Life” by Alice, a Greco-Roman American. As time went on in her search for a publisher, one thing lead to the other that brought her in personal contact with Skyline Publishers-the first publisher that rejected her work outright! She became a household name in the whole of California, USA.


Author’s Note: This work is borne out of the imaginations of the author. Any life stories with similar tones with any of these are co-incidental. The author therefore apologizes for that.






























Chapter 1

The Mirror of Tragic Marriage

June 15, 1948…


“I regretted the day I got married to you!” Tom shouted at Cynthia, his wife of seven years.


In response to Tom’s words, she yelled: “you are total disgrace to manhood! I’ve been accommodating your excesses for years! It’s time for me to rage because you’ve pushed me to the wall! You are an idiot! You are a never do-well! You are an infidel! In fact, you are hopeless!! I’m still married to you because of my twins-Sophia and Cindy!!!”


In the heat of altercation, Tom took laws into his hands by beating Cynthia to a pulp. It took the intervention of neighbors to bring to a halt the uproar. To add insult to injury, Tom didn’t bat an eyelid as he, in the presence of his tears-shedding twin daughters, was beating the living daylight of Cynthia. Alas, the damage was done as Cynthia was second to dead; she hardly could breathe. As a result, she had to be rushed to a hospital; a stone throw from the residence of the couple.


Tom and Cynthia have been lovers since their days at the Washington-based University of Kimberly. As easy-going lovebirds, they became the cynosure of every Tom, Dick and Harry who came in contact with them. After completing the stipulated academic sessions, Tom and Cynthia qualified as medical doctor and accountant respectively. He got employed at the prestigious Stanford Hospital as Residing Medical Officer and after a while, she was employed as Chief Accountant by the renowned Paterson Accounting firm. It wasn’t too long that they decided to tie the nuts. Many months after the one-in-town marriage ceremony, Cynthia was delivered of a set of female twins, whom they later named Sophia and Cindy. Both Tom and Cynthia were enjoying their professions.


The passion, intelligence and success philosophies edged Tom and Cynthia over their colleagues in their various endeavors. Work went on as usual for Tom until a fateful Friday morning… This would be most red-lettered moment in the life of Tom.


It was reported that there were missing medical equipment worth millions of dollars. This, according to audit report, showed a huge imbalance in the hospital’s account summary. Concerned the management was, the attention of Tom was urgently sought for. They inquired of him as to why the equipment were missing, since it was his onus as Residing Medical Officer, to ensure their safety. Unknown to him, there was a conspiracy against him by his colleagues who envied his progress and excellence.


However, this would not necessarily matter as he was given matching orders by tendering his resignation with no pay-off, despite his five years of service. His explanations were blurred as naivety took the best of him. The management reasoned that Tom’s weight of excuse for not been responsible for the missing equipment and a consequent need for exoneration didn’t hold waters. It wasn’t too long after his resignation that Mark, the chief conspirator of his misfortune, was appointed to fill the position previously held by him. Although Tom would be justified and compensated heavily in a distant future, his life assumed a U-turn.


From pillar to post, Tom job-hunted. He went the extra-mile of contacting his friends who were top guns in their fields of recognition. Yet, it all ended in a wild goose chase!  Frustration so possessed Tom that he retired to incessant drinking, smoking, womanizing, keeping late nights and lazing around. Cynthia, now shouldering the weight of the family responsibilities, had to stretch her working limits. She engaged herself in entrepreneurial marketing after the close of her eight-to-four working hours, daily. She did all these to ensure ends met…