Cure For Aids: Professor Mirko Beljanski’s BP100

African leaders, Africans and Africans in the Diaspora, need to take the lead in

defending babies, children, African women, African men and the elderly, to avoid

African citizens being used as human rats, for biological warfare experiments and

testing of medicines against various diseases spread by foreign countries.

Africans and Third World Countries need to pay attention to these warnings, because

Aids and Ebola are medical crimes against Africans, and those responsible are in the

fields of medical, political and military circles. Even though the media is not giving

us any support, we are not discourage to address the issues, because test for

biomedical warfare is still going on, since the pharmaceuticals companies, are

looking for ways to make medicines to reap profit from sick people.

One may like to ask, in what way African traditional healers are dealing with these

kinds of diseases? Because traditional African healers have been using ritual and

herbal remedies to treat people for centuries, before the White missionaries came to

Africa. In some areas, communities have better access to traditional medicines than

to modern cures. For example, it is common to find herbal remedies sold in


Many people trust traditional treatments and find the costs more affordable. Healers

often have an impressive knowledge of medicinal plants, accumulated through

generations learnt through years of apprenticeship. This wealth of knowledge is now

being harnessed in the fight against diseases such as HIV­AIDS. Within the

forthcoming articles we will discuss several medicines which cure Aids but

prohibited by governments and the pharmaceutical industry.

Retired Priest, Babu Ambilikile Masapila

It is not only to get rid of the nose horn and ivory for traditional healing medicines,

that Africans, the Japanese and the Chinese kill elephants and rhinoceros. Dr Freddy

Manongi, an expert Botany and Zoological Researcher and former Principal at

Mweka Wildlife College, said in his recent studies that the effects of the Loliondo,

mad­rush of locally brewed medicine against HIV, from 2010 to 2012, has led to a

massive environmental destruction in Sonjo plains, due to the so­called miracle plant

‘Carissa­Edulis,’ which was being used by retired Priest, Babu Ambilikile Masapila

to brew his magic drink.

Between October 2010 to April 2012, more than seven million people from all over

Africa and overseas, were traveling to Samunge Village, in the remote Digo­Digo

Ward of Sale Division in Ngorongoro District, to get potions of the herbal drink

dispensed by Mr. Masapila who earned the “Babu­wa­Loliondo” title.

This wake up call to all Africans is necessary because authors, journalists, media and

politicians, should now come forward onto this very platform to bring hope for those

who suffering HIV/Aids and Ebola and act against biological warfare experiments

and crimes in the continent Africa.

The question is, is there hope for a cure? What about this call for African authors,

journalists or politicians, who has the guts to publish about a cure against Aids and

Ebola against the will of the International pharmaceutical industry? We noticed a

few! Besides the Ghanaian investigative journalist Joel Savage, reference: Joel

Savage is the first African journalist to investigate the high death rate of Africans at

Antwerp’s notorious ‘Stuivenberg Hospital’ following suspicion that the hospital

deliberately kills Africans for body organs.

Even thought he had problems with the authorities in Antwerp, after revealing in his

book ‘Little Boygium­ Wonderful Experience, the high death rate subsided after the

publication. Now you know the reason Belgium, including their journalists hate this

humble God fearing man so much. He did what they couldn’t do in their entire

professional career) and Goleng Lucky Adamu of Sprout­ and Misheck

Mberi from Shout­ We have noticed another person in the Diaspora

called Aroun R. Deen, a New York journalist.

Journalist Aroun R. Deen

“An independent investigation into what led to the West Africa Ebola outbreak will

be beneficial to the world. It will bring about the exact factors responsible. It also

will enhance efforts to contain the current outbreak from spreading further in the

region, and beyond. Governments and health institutions in Africa will be better

informed on how to prevent, prepare or respond should any such infectious disease

occurs, or resurfaces anywhere in the continent. If on the other hand it is caused by

some secretive biological experimentation program, an investigation will help

identify those responsible. Failing to thoroughly investigate will be a travesty of

moral and ethical responsibility and a disregard of the duties bestowed on the

leaderships in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, as well as on the UN, the AU and

ECOWAS, to uphold human rights,” said Journalist Aroun R. Deen.

“The United Nations must investigate the cause for the outbreak of Ebola in West

Africa, which has killed thousands of people, mainly in the three most affected

countries in the region. A comprehensive independent investigation into the sudden

outbreak of the disease will provide some answers on whether the outbreak was of

natural cause or, the outcome of some clandestine biological research program.

Regardless of what caused it, the findings will also enhance recurrence prevention

measures not just in West Africa but throughout the continent. ECOWAS, the West

African regional body, and the African Union, and the continental intergovernmental

organization, must also conduct its own separate independent investigation,”

concludes Aroun Rashid Deen.

In this second publication about the view on the origin of Aids and Ebola, we’ll

focus on Johan’s third book, together with Joel Savage, which isn’t by chance

entitled: “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind,”

(published on In many articles we have just given glimpses of our

view on the origin of Aids in Africa, which according to us is mainly due to the

undesired and unforeseen adverse side effects of different massive vaccination


As a side remark we would like to alert readers to the theories and observations of

Dr. Andrew Moulden. This eminent Canadian scientist, who is specialized in the

physiology of brain damage, has recently demonstrated that by using highly

sophisticated digital imaging techniques; it can be proved that all vaccinations cause

some damage to the small blood vessels in the brain. This then creates a basis for a

multitude of diseases.

Although two of his main websites had recently been censored and removed from

the internet his profound insights can still be benefitted from, by reading interviews

of him which are still present on the net and where did we have heard this before,

when Professor Johan van Dongen was also removed from LinkedIN and blocked on

twitter? Another question, why the article entitled “Holland’s Professor Johan Van

Dongen Challenges Belgium’s Professor Van Der Groen, Over The Origins Of Aids

And Ebola” written by Joel Savage and published by Diplomatic Aspects

Newspaper, link suddenly disappeared from the publisher’s website without a trace

of the article? This means that our opponents are panicking.

Today’s article will highlight the first from the Aids­medicines which we have

described as part of a cure for Aids. We will remind our readers with a quote from a

famous Aids­dissident and researcher Peter H. Duesburg, professor of Molecular and

Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Peter H. Duesburg

“Infectious Aids, have we been misled? HIV does not reproduce Aids when

inoculated into animals or humans. HIV depends on prenatal transmission for

survival and is thus not likely to be fatally pathogenic. Retroviruses are not sufficient

for transformation because less than 0.1% of infected animals or humans develop


Johan van Dongen states: “We have taken knowledge about a cure for Aids from

many different sources from which some are public and some are not. We will

describe a treatment against HIV­infection and the accompanying opportunistic

infections in the next series of articles. A treatment which may neutralize the disease

and in some cases even may heal a person from the sickness. We would like to

emphasize, compare Duesberg‘s quote above, that Aids, in contrast to what many

medical people alleged, does not have to be fatal, because by now we know HIV is

not by definition causing Aids.”

Johan van Dongen confesses that he has been shocked by his bewildering discovery

that even though a number of successful remedies against Aids are available, but

they have been completely removed from the market. We noticed e.g. that several

well working medicines against Aids were in the recent past suddenly seen and

treated as ‘laboratory errors.’ But now the time has come that innocent Africans

should realize that those responsible in medical, political and military circles can be

addressed at this point.

Before giving details of some helpful medicines which have been suppressed, I make

a list of fifteen diseases which normally could have been treated reasonably well, but

that all have derailed. These treatable opportunistic infections are:

Influenza 2. Candidasis 3. Cytomegalovirus infection. 4 Epstein Barr­virus

infection. 5. Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. 6. Kaposi­sarcoma. 7. Cerebral

Toxoplasmosis. 8. Toxoplasmosis. 9. Cryptococcosis. 10. Isoporosis.11. Herpes

Simplex. 12 Mycobacterium avium complex. 13. Progressive multiphocal leuco-
encephalopathy. 14. Tuberculosis. 15. Aspergillosis.

Next, is an introduction to describe some successful remedies to Aids, we make

some fundamental remarks relating to the treating and curing principles of Aids.

Cure for Aids, BP100 and Professor Mirko Beljanski.

Starting from all evidence now available, we can say that Aids is mainly being

induced or activated by an increase of the cortisol or stress hormone in the blood

mirror. Thereby, a direct influence is exercised on the sink and cadmium levels in

the body, something which is indispensable for the buildup of an immunological

resistance against foreign microorganisms. From that viewpoint morphine work

directly against a heightened cortisol level, and therefore indirectly against Aids

causing microorganisms. Fear stimulates in a serious manner the coming about of

the situation that is called Aids. Exactly the antagonizing effect of rest has a healing

effect because it stimulates the natural processes in the body.

The first effective medicine against Aids causing microorganisms and cancer, which

has been taken forcefully from the market is the so called BP100 remedy. This

BP100 was created by Professor Mirko Beljanski, a Yugoslavian molecular biologist

and experienced collaborator at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. With this BP100

medicine the deceased French president Francois Mitterrand was successfully and

secretly treated while he was suffering from cancer, prolonging his life by fourteen

years. Beljanski himself has stated that his medicine was an effective and natural

antiviral against cancer and Aids. Hot controversies however soon arose around

Beljanski, when political and pharmaceutical opponents started a joint effort to

destroy the man and his good work.

In 1994 all the products and medicines produced by Beljanski were blacklisted in

France and he himself was stripped of his rights to be a doctor. Beljanski continued

spreading his products however underground. It did not take long before the

authorities ordered the French gendarmerie to enter his laboratories, taking away all

materials. Legal authorities came out again, declaring Beljanski’s actions to be

illegal. The authorities then started an investigation into the efficacy of BP100

themselves. Through the official French medical organization for Aids research,

BP100 was declared to have absolutely no antiviral working. When researchers tried

to obtain knowledge about the ingredients, the authorities declared the ingredients to

be secret.

Johan van Dongen declares that: “BP100 is still known as a substance that can have

an extraordinary big effect on HIV. Beljanski however, was excommunicated by his

colleagues and the pharmaceutical companies with a lot of commotion and BP100

turned out to have such a great effect against viruses that the threat for the

pharmaceutical industrial market and science, lost research and billions of dollars to

conspire against Beljanski.”

Next, giving some comments on Aids medicines in relation to money and the fact

that most of these medicines are being patented, Johan observes that this generally

causes them to be only available to the rich. “The more we fail to administer and

take care for the poor sick person, the more Aids causing viruses will build up

resistance against our natural medicaments and also by this the disease will spread

itself ever faster in an incurable form the same way as Ebola does.


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