“CDC and WHO” Alias The Rockefeller Foundation

Alias The Rockefeller Foundation

Disease Making Factories And Their Coziness

With The Drug Industry

Johan van Dongen and Joel Savage

In this series of articles, the Ghanaian investigative journalist, Joel Savage and

scientist Johan van Dongen, are intellectually curious enough to have sought out and

studied the arguments that discredit the HIV/Aids­theory. Since the mass media and

professional journals censor these arguments, the vast majority of doctors and

scientists, although decent people who want to do the right thing, yet don’t have the

power to expose those behind the medical crimes.

They therefore accept the biased conclusions of politicized bureaucracies like the

American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health organization

(WHO), whose coziness with the drug industry and the media is legendary and

whose recommendations always seem to dovetail perfectly with drug industry

marketing plans. As far as the America Rockefeller Foundation is concerned we

described them as: “A Mafioso Family In Sheep’s Clothing” in the 8

message to all African leaders.

Were it not for the massive media blackout of information that contradicts the Hiv-
theory, many more people would be asking tough questions and seeking for answers

like we do. The public and ordinary people continue to be reassured, for instance

Ebola is not a problem for the U.S.A. The fact that BBC­news, Aljazeera, CNN and

others, reported that President Obama appointed an Ebola czar, who is not a medical

person but an insider lawyer, who served as chief of staff to Vice President Biden,

proves that Ebola conspiracy theory which is spreading faster than the Ebola itself,

as far we know, could be true. But then what about the statements of Professor

Cohen on behalf of the Dutch government? That isn’t a conspiracy! No, that is what

they called scientific discussion between comrades of the scientific establishment.

The failure of the media

Next time when the media announce that tens of millions of people are dying from

HIV in Africa, ask them how did they know that. Remind them that journalists,

including African journalists and media, are supposed to question dubious assertions

from powerful drug­industry funded agencies like the World Health Organization.

Journalists mustn’t spread false rumours to support their own governments, as if they

were indisputable. They should ask those institutions why they report those figures

as if they were actual Aids and Ebola cases, when in fact they are projections made

by WHO’s computer programs.

As noticed in the Ebola outbreaks in Africa, those figures are based on very

questionable statistical methodologies and contradicted by many facts including the

continual large population increases experienced in the countries supposedly worst

affected. The need is necessary to request the media to stop twisting the truth in

support of a politicized, entrenched Aids establishment, which profits financially by

terrorizing people, pokes its nose shamelessly into people’s private sex lives,

compels people to submit to inaccurate tests and literally forces Africans to swallow

toxic, unproven medicines and chemotherapy drugs with horrific, often­fatal side

The drug industry and their prohibitory of working medicines

Interferon alias Kemrom and Doctor Davy Koch

The second medicinal substance effective against Hiv/aids is called Kemron, also

known under its synonym interferon­alpha IFN­a. It has been administered to a great

number of Kenyan aids patients and has been put together from substances which

can be bought on the Japanese market. A well known researcher in this field has

been Doctor Davy Koch. He and his assistants had reported that after the

administration of Kemron the number of CD4+ cells in a number of patients

increased in such a way that a conversion happened from HIV­antibody positive to a

HIV­antibody negative.

Koch published about this in the Journal of Molecular Biotherapy in 1990. During a

period of six weeks one of the important facts found was that eight of the forty

patients after oral treatment with IFN­a had no more HIV anti­bodies in their blood.

Another study also revealed a healing effect of IFN­a in a group of thirteen hundred

patients. Five percent of the participants in this study were reported to have no more

HIV antibodies in their blood.

The American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

The American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases NIAD, which

considers itself to be leading in the field of Aids research, unfortunately did its

utmost best to prevent Kemron to receive a positive status. NIAID suggested that the

clinical researches had been incorrectly executed and could not be reproduced. In

several books and articles we’ll discuss the situation that the world wide promotion

of antiretroviral therapy, backed up by a very powerful pharmaceutical industry in

collusion with the American government, has greatly overshadowed all research into

other means and ways to deal with the treatment of HIV­Aids.

Suramin and the Flemish scientist Eric DeClerq

The Flemish scientist Eric DeClerq, revealed the existence of a strong means against

animal retroviruses years before the aids virus was discovered. DeClerq has

developed a lot of medicaments that could potentially stimulate the defense of the

body against viruses. One substance which was reinvented by him is called Suramin

or germanin, which originally was a medicine against the African sleeping disease

trypanosomiasis. It was first discovered by Oskar Dressel and Richard Kote from the

German pharmaceutical company Bayer in 1916. It was shown that Suramin reduced

the cortisol level or stress hormone in the blood, something that is contributing a lot

to the healing of HIV­patients.

It turned out in DeClerq’s researches that Suramin had an extraordinary strong effect

on the production­activation of the human hormone interferon that naturally should

be protecting us against disease. Already in 1974, just following the discovery of the

so called reversed transcriptase process, he experimented with Suramin in relation to

the enzyme of the aids virus. He was surprised it showed a strong effect. Although

DeClerq was visited in 1978, by Robert Gallo who urged him not to publish his

work, he then left the Suramin research for a period of five years. In 1983, DeClerq

however receives a phone call from the American scientist Sam Broder, and

communicated with him that Suramin has a strong effect against the aids virus in

African business leaders, including billionaires Aliko Dangote, Strive Masiyiwa,

Patrice Motsepe, in joint collaboration with the African Union, the African

Development Bank (AfDB), and the United Nations Economic Commission for

Africa (UNECA), have established an emergency fund to help countries hit by the

Ebola outbreak. A pledging meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, raised $28.5 million

to deploy at least 1,000 health workers to Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia,

according to a BBC report. That is good news for Africa’s self­confidence, a

readiness to take its destiny into her own hands. This local competence and capacity

have to be recognized and strengthened. That is what China and Cuba are doing, but

what about the United States, France and Great Britain? They sent troops!

Final statement of Johan van Dongen

Johan van Dongen says to Robert Gallo and his associates that Suramin has been the

very best means against the aids causing virus that we have ever witnessed. It only

needs to be tested out in hospitals and undergo a number of industrial tests. But yet,

for unknown reasons, Suramin did not appear on the market, as an anti­aids

medicine and it was forgotten afterwards.

Although Suramin was twenty times more effective against cells that were or were

not infected with HIV and that it had been used for seventy years successfully

against infectious diseases that could be compared with aids, Suramin was suddenly

put on the list of forbidden substances by American government authorities. In 1989,

also in Germany, Suramin, synonyme germanin, was suddenly declared to be a very

dangerous medicine(!).

Everything can be tested in Africa, the criminal scientists say, but working

medicines against Aids? No, we can’t earn money with that and it, yet they are good

working medicines against Aids, most certainly give not a solution to the

overcrowded world population!”

In Professor Johan Van Dongen book, published in Dutch, entitled: “Aids de

grootste misdaad in de medische geschiedenis,”, he produced a list with nine

substances that have a working capacity more or less the same as Suramin. These

substances also promote the reduction of the cortisol level in the blood, something

that prevents the reduction of the production of interferon but these medicines are

prohibited by the pharmaceutical industry under guidance of national governments,

the World health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control who recently

received hundred million dollars from the Rockefeller’s foundation. After Johan had

criticized this donation at LinkedIN, he was removed from this social media and

blocked on twitter.


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