The Blueprint

This is one of his publications. Below contains the synopsis, genre, excerpt and the links to the work.


The broke-out war among the extra-terrestrials at the Peak of Eternal Abode over the ownership and rulership of its domain saw the Pull-down of the opposer, Illumination and his co-horts, as he wanted to be in the same hierarchy with his Maker, The Source. Illumination was able to gain support from some of the multi-dimensional members, including some of The Elements-Wind, Water and Fire and convince them to rebel against their Maker.

Genre: Supernatural, Sci-fi and Fantasy



Chapter One
The Source, the sum total of all universal energies, the epitome of the beginning and end, orchestrated the Peak of Eternal Abode by the use of the words: “Let there be the Peak of Eternal Abode”. At the State of Harmony, He is the male and female energy combined. His Seat of Glory was coated with Divine Gold imprints with the name written as “The Source, The Universal” while his creations, the extra-terrestrials, were His Sub-Universals. His influence was measured in Terms of Infinity. Though he created other worlds for his pleasure and Divine Temporary Transit of his creations, He dwelt richly in the gold-street, no-night and highly positive energy of Peak of Eternal Abode. It had abundance of the Rivers of Life, where no one under the habitation would thirst! The Fire of Consumption was designed to obliterate any irrelevances resulting from the activities of all extraterrestrials like left-overs of the Foundation of Organized Divinity after a divine-intake.
Illumination was the Light of the Source’s dwelling. Specially created from the Depths of Divinity, he was The Source’s most favored Sub-Universal. He radiated His Infinite Light, a rare gifting, which distinguished him from his extraterrestrial contemporaries. His Wonder Voice had a perfect convey to His Maker by the agreement of the Move of Acoustics through the Motion of the Wind and Steady by the Waters of Infinite Flow. All bowed down in their ever-worship behavior to Him at the moment Illumination uttered the words: “Oh, all creations adore Your Excellency, our Maker as we bow our heads before you.” There were infinite extraterrestrials but they all basked in the Joy of Fulfillment; they were able to carry out their duties as worshippers, suspended in the Wind of His Glory.
The Source’s Blueprint for the Creation of the Dense Physical World was shared with Illumination. In His Palace of Abode, Illumination was called to administer the Worth of Adoration and after that, the Source disclosed to him His Creation blueprint. Seating right to Him-seat coated with the Linings of Unperishing Silver, He disclosed absolutely the blueprint to the best of illumination’s understanding but reserving the actual knowledge to Him:
“I have been brooding since the Creation of Eternity the need to extend my frontiers of absolute influence to the material dimension, call it the dense, physical world. Pondering on the energies behind the thought propelled me into coming up with the plan of establishing my Foot-Stool, my physical eco-department.
Like what we have here, I would like to establish the physical equivalents at the material level. This material dimension is what I call the earth. In the Plan, the earth is actually a complementary element. You’ll understand this as your Strength of Eternal Understanding projects. Imagine where we have our physical equivalents honoring me as you all do here. Most importantly, I want to make what I project to be the most precious of my creations…That entity would be the physical expression of the male and female energy duality. IT would be given power, like I do here, to exert authority over all…except its Maker, Me. I would give IT power to assign itself an identity, a harmonization or better still, an equilibrium of the male-female energy. It will be great and ITS inspiration, ITS life-force energy, will come from ME alone. I will give the source-image over what would be ITS second fiddles-the physically dense trees, animals, plants, woods, and all other physical things. ITS influence would go past the physical; IT would control all other worlds except me. There are still lots more about IT!
The Earth, way below the threshold of your absorbed frequency range, would be a designed multi-dimensional, yet physical entity that would be designed by the Laws of Eternity which you know. I will design the earth to enable IT inter-relate with the other worlds of my creation while maintaining ITS physical state. I will structure the earth in such a manner that IT, through my consent and given the FULL Liberty of Control, which IS NOT for everyone here, will harmoniously inter-play ITS world and others for ITS own benefits—because IT would be the most adored of all of my creations ever.
Though you were able to understand all that I have said and it would be suffice for you to hear them, going by what I, your Maker, specially created you with, they are just Scratches of Eternity of what the Blueprint seeks to do. You and the other Infinite Extraterrestrials, including wind, water and fire, whose roles would be very important in ITS creation, would bear witness. Again, you will understand this better…
For now, that is all I have to say to you, illumination. I am saying this to you because of how special you have been to me. Therefore, as your authority, don’t ever tell any member of this abode what I discuss with you. They will get to know as the eternity rolls by. With that being said, rise up from your seat and assembly the host of the extra-terrestrial to shower praises on me for I am in dire need of it!”
Illumination did as he was told. But that would mean something…
The Source was done discussing with him, eternalizing his Blueprint agenda for creation. Illumination was, on Silver-coated seat, ruminating about what his creator had told him. Through the Depth of Inquiry, the inputted thought component, essential for his creation by the Source, reflecting itself as his mirror, he pondered: “who is man that IT should have great influence over ITS world to-be and other worlds. According to what He said, IT will have control over all extraterrestrials except Him! Yes, I have been created to adhere to what He had instructed; keeping the secrets of Revelation, as stated by the Eternal Law, I would have to call the attention of others, including Wind, Fire and Water to what he told me. I think I would raise a stiff opposition because He is about to raise, in the name of creation, a material entity, capable of influencing our entire world. How can a mere material product of His brooding become a sudden influence over us? I do not think that is possible! Come to think of it, I do have what He has! I think outside what I assert as the Identity of Dogma which other inhabitants of our abode have and worse still, are stuck with! Of course, it will not out of True Sight to say I am my master. In fact, it would be right to say that My Maker and I are on the same Page of Influence, since I am privy to all of His Blueprint. I will, once again, meet with other extraterrestrials to oppose what would become a conflict, even if it means violating what has been established before my creation.”
He had no idea that the Source had a telepathic idea of what was to happen. However, He kept mute to prepare Himself for the war against the Menace of Pride as a deterrent for the rest of the extraterrestrials. Convincingly, illumination had won quite a number of extraterrestrials, including some of the presence of Wind, Water and Fire to support his Campaign for Change, a theme which he had established. Being the Chief Leader of Praise, he was able to talk to them and that saw a Lack of Fellowship depicted among the extraterrestrials to carry out their duties- Praising and worshipping their Source. The Source knew this all along! But He asked them the question: “Why have halted my worship?”
“The Illumination” replied the extraterrestrials who took side with the Illumination. “Master, we cannot truly render the multi-dimensional exaltations of your sacredness without the synchronized involvement of all. We have decided not to take sides with illumination. Rather, following your instructions to the letter is what we are going for, despite illumination’s apparent conviction. However, without involvement of those who took sides with him, we will not be able to do what we have been created to do”
“I see…” The Source observed, starring at illumination’s face. “I knew it would come to this. You know quite well that I specially made you different from others. You were more specially made in terms of Infinite Streams of Energy points, eternally deposited in every fiber of your multi-dimensional self.  Your Depth of Divinity, your creation source, had made you Leader of Praise and the Path-finder of the Great Light. That was the reason I named you illumination because of how illuminating your voice had been structured and how you lead them to true worship of my unequalled being. However, you decided to deliberately violate the Supremacy of the Laws of Eternity by tuning in the vibrations of your Depths of Inquiry. As a result, you were able to corner for yourself a number of extraterrestrial supporters for yourself. Is it because of my Blueprint plan I disclose to you about? You also had the gut to convince them, knowing that they are not on the same page as you! Why has the Negative Conscious of Energies of pride, jealousy and envy permeated your-meant-to-be-radiant positive energy? Well, I know you are not ready to answer my question! You are head-bent to dragging what absolutely belongs to me! I have seen this perversion come into you but I wanted to teach all and sundry a lesson, using you as the instance! For deliberately and directly disobeying my eternal laws, I, The Source, by the Powers of Thorough Influence I truly own, declare illumination and his co-horts out of the Peak of Eternal Abode to the Negative Plane of Eternity!”





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