Life In Space

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Genre: sci-fi, space travel, supernatural, adventure


What becomes of you after what ought to be a nine years of travel in space became ninety years? Kyle, the lead astronaut, was no doubt a victim of this ugly circumstance. The Three Musketeers, a they were known over the world, traveled through the eight other planets to encounter completely different situations. After he and his team (Michael and Stanley) landed the earth from his spaceship, he was really left with nothing other than to say: “facts are stranger than fiction” How did they survive through the ninety years of sojourn in the planetary worlds? What became of them?


In The Beginning…

“When I grow up, I’d like to be the first man to travel the nine planets of the universe”, said seven-year-old Kyle to his friends, Michael and Stanley, close neighbors with him in Santa Barbara, California.

“I agree with you, Kyle!” replied Michael, who couldn’t but help to express his puerile enthusiasm with his friend. “Very soon, we…Michael, you and me, will, when will grow up as men, make history as the first set of astronauts to travel the whole of the planets. I was told by Aunt Susie that no astronaut had achieved this.  But we will! Kyle and Stanley, I can’t wait for this great feat!”

“I’m with you! In fact, how I wish the hands of time could, like the speed of light, move so fast that we become young adults”, Seven-year-old Stanley, age mates with Michael and Kyle, wished.

After a long period of discussion at the famous Santa Barbara Playground, stone throw away from their homes, they are returned to their homes to observe the regular night sleep against school the next day.

While at the school, Mr. Bean Sanders, the Basic Science teacher of the class, came to the class, well-dressed and smart-looking. To the board, he positioned his body and with the coated ball pen in his hands, the activity of the day began…

“Class, today, we will discuss on the topic The Planets” Mr. Bean asserted, taking a very stern look at the 20-pupil class. Before now, I have instructed that you read ahead of the class, ask your parents at home questions on the areas you don’t understand. This is how I want to teach you all. I don’t want to be like your other teachers who are fond of pampering you as if you were babies! To me, you’re not! With that in mind, I want to know who read this topic. Indicate, by raising your right hand if you know the answer to the following questions

1) How many planets do we have in the universe?

2) Name them” Mr. Bean thought that none of the pupils in his class would answer.

Surprisingly, he saw with his eyes the hands of Kyle, Michael and Stanley all raised up to answer the question. Confused he was at first but sought a way of making things happen.

“Hey, Michael”, instructed Mr. Bean, “you’ll answer the first question and Kyle will handle the next the question”.

“There are nine planets in the universe” Michael enthusiastically answered.

“Great!” Mr. Bean exclaimed, “Michael answered it correctly”. Now it’s your turn…Kyle to answer the next question”

“The nine planets that make the universe are Mars, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and Mercury” Kyle answered, though appeared a bit scared of Mr. Bean’s strict look at him.

“Yes, both Kyle and Michael got the answers all correct! Class, give them a round of applause as they take to their seats!” The clapping hands of the pupils produced high supersonic sounds that overwhelmed Mr. Bean

“Quite, please!” he exclaimed, trying to let his pupils to stop clapping.” From now on, because of their intelligence and long-time friendship, I’ve been looking a time as this to give them a name I’d like to identify them with, rather than their individual names. Class, we are addressing the trio of Michael, Kyle and Stanley as the Three Musketeers! Now repeat after me: The Three Musketeers!

The class chanted:  “The Three Musketeers!”

Interestingly, the class ended with little furtherance on the topic. And from then on, the Three Musketeers, as they were called, grew up together as teenagers and became young adults till the history-making event took place. It was at that point that they knew the difference between what they have learnt in school through the years and what can be seen as “obtainable” under real-life situations.


Chapter One

Twenty Years Later… June 7, 1998

“This is a great department. We have no doubt produced the best of astronauts. Jake. K. Land, John. G. Bean, Gary Cliff and a host of others have made the department of Astronomy indeed envy to its contemporaries through their ground-breaking feats. Going back to the establishment of the Capes Institute of Global Astronomy, situated in Ipswich, Massachusetts, we can see for ourselves that there are a number of reasons we should enroll our wards into this institution of higher learning. At this point, ladies and gentlemen, let’s be on our fit and put our hands together as we declare open the Graduation Ceremony of Class 1998”. A statement made by Dr. Charles .L. Grant, the institute’s registrar, magnified by the use of the echoing microphone.

“Wooooooow……! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..” and complimentary clapping sounds made by the attendees at the event became the aftermath. Spotted in the audience were Kyle, Michael, Stanley, Catherine, Kyle’s girlfriend, Tracy, Stanley’s so-called ‘sweetheart’, Helen, Michael’s Heartthrob and thirty of their colleagues, occupying the first row of seats while others, friends, family members and well-wishers occupied from the second column and row to the fifteenth in a eight-by-nine manner.

After five minutes of heated excitement, calm eventually returned. Realizing it was okay to continue, Dr. Charles, as he’s fondly called, went on: “ Without much ado, we are here not only to officially assert the graduation of our beloved students at the Master’s Level, but also recognize three most outstanding students that have made this institute proud. This department is known for objective selection of best students through the years by the mechanism you and I call consistency. Evidently, the Head of Department, Dr. Lake Gore, had shown me the academic performances of these students, right from their first-degree years till present. Believe me, people; they are worth considering as best students. They’ve undoubtedly edged their contemporaries through exceptional grades and excellent results in individual courses…at Bachelor and Masters Level. Again, join me, by clapping your hands and standing on your feet as I make welcome to this platform, the HOD, in the person of Dr. Lake Gore continue this talk I began…”

A thunderous ovation penetrated the atmosphere as Dr. Lake Gore stepped out from his chair, few distance away from where Dr. Charles stood. In no time, decorum was restored. Dr. Charles took his place at the platform. And in his baritone voice, he went straight to business: “Right about now, the three best students will have to be mentioned. There is a reward…A job placement at the National Space Agency. I will start from the third and finished at the first. The student that emerged the third best in this department is Michael Olsson with a ‘3.59’ Excellent grade!”

Everyone stood up, almost suffocated Michael in the name of ‘congratulations’. But somehow, he managed to squeeze  himself from them, matched forward to where his HOD stood, shook his  right hand with his and at the same took a ‘smile’ pose as used his left hand to obtain his certificate. Obviously noticed were Mrs. Maria Olsson who couldn’t help but express her joy to her only son become what he had always dreamt of and his lover, Helen, whose whispered words read: “I love you, Michael”.

Things took a twist when Dr. Lake held firmly Michael’s right hand, an indication of unfinished business. He asked Michael: “How do you feel emerging as the third best student of this department whose reputation has spanned over a hundred years?”

Confidently, Michael replied: “This is a moment in my life i’ll never forget. All through my childhood years, I have dreamt of this event as a stepping stone to the BIG PICTURE which is only exclusive to my friends and my life coach, Kyle and Stanley and Dr. Lake. At this point I would like to call out two people, aside my friends I just mentioned a while ago, that have been there through thin and thick…my mother, Mrs. Maria Olsson and Honey Pie, Miss Helen. Allow me to welcome them both!!!

Shouts of joy from the rest of the audience took the air waves as both of them stood up and hugged him each. Quite a number of photo shots were taken and the face of Michael showed that he was the happiest man on earth!

A minute after Mrs. Maria and Miss Helen headed to their respective seats, just behind Stanley and Kyle at the second row, Dr. Lake couldn’t help but express how impressed he was by his simple but yet inspiring response. “Michael, as you take your seat”, said excited Dr. Lake, taking a stern look at him, “you’ve proved to be one of the best, going by what people would term ORDIANRY statement”. “I’m really touched by what you said! Unfortunately, the ugly face of time won’t permit me to explain how well you’ve made a good account of yourself. I’ll have to move on…Please, forgive me Michael!” He said, getting his mood set to announce the second best.

“Next”, stated Dr. Lake “is the second best student. He is no other than someone you know! He graduated with an excellent grade of ‘4.00’! Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, be on your feet, jamb those hands as I make welcome Stanley Simmons!!!

Indeed, the nine-hundred attendees who filled the sunny, open-space arena, called The Main Ground witnessed thunderous sounds of applause saturating the air as Stanley Simmons, seated alongside Kyle, seated very adjacent to Michael at the front row with five others, pressed toward where Dr. Lake was and like what happened to Michael, he received the same treatment.

As Stanley hastily left for his seat, Dr. Lake asked of him how he felt about being rated the second best. He replied: “Like my brother from another mother”, Michael observed, “this is one of the greatest days of my life. My dad, Mr. Reginald Simmons, had to forfeit his busy banking schedules to attend my graduation ceremony. Not only him, my three lovely sisters- Latoya, Michelle and Antonia are all present to witness one red-lettered day moment in my life! Seated at the second row, Dad, Latoya, Antonia, Michelle and Latoya, Tracy, my sweetheart, my sincere thanks to all of you for being present!! You are more than a thousand gold mines combined to me!” He saw Tracy, with tears rolling down her cheek; mutter the words “You’ve made my day, honey!”

The audience clapped their hands as they stared at Stanley’s family members and watched him return to his seat and received hugs, one after the other, from dad to his baby sister, Antonia. Dr. Lake couldn’t help but express his excitement.

“This is great, I must confess!” remarked Dr. Lake. “In all gatherings I’ve ever stamped my presence, believe me, good people, this is the most inspiring event ever! Hmmm…if I am to properly express my observation concerning this moment, time won’t permit me. Therefore, with no any dilly-dally, I’d like to call out the overall best student…but one thing. Before I move on, this best student, together with Michaela and Stanley, have surprisingly been childhood friends for over twenty years, attended the same elementary and high school, and here they are now, graduating as tops, from the same university! This is surprising, isn’t it? Moving on…It’s a great pleasure calling out the ‘best of the best’, student of this great institute for 1998. He is the panache-talking, clear-thinking and ambitious Kyle Russell!!! I urge you to encourage him by clapping your hands as he comes on to receive his prestigious certificate!”

The words “You are the best”, “Hero”, “You’ve made us proud”, “Welldone, Kyle!”, “Neil Armstrong of our time”, “Kyle…You’re great!” and “Oh Yes, You’ve done it, wow!!” were chanted as Kyle hurriedly stepped out, after being embraced by his Michael, Stanley and other colleagues. As the intensity of fulfillment was becoming obviously seen on the face of Kyle, Dr, Lake received him warmly, hugged him and kissed him on his right and left cheek, took a pose with him and handed to Kyle his certificate.

“ I have the thirty graduates, Stanley and Michael signal the attention of their family members” said excited Dr. Lake, “But in your case, I’ll have to hand over the microphone to you to call out your family members, friends and everyone to celebrate this great feat!” He declared, handing over the MIC to Kyle.

“Thank you sir for this opportunity” responded Kyle, whose panache made the noisy crowd suddenly give way for silence when he took the microphone towards his mouth with his right hand. His certificate was on the pulpit-like structure where he somehow leaned his body against. “I’m delighted that I was opportune to have emerged the best student for this great department. It was a hard nut to crack task, trying to keep my head above the waters of stiff academic competition from my colleagues. With the encouragement of my family members and friends, whom I will call out subsequently, I made the best use of my time at this institute. Going the extra-length of studying astronomy gave me the impetus to attain where I am today. At this point, I’d like to identify ‘my people’- My parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Russell, my brother and sister, Adam and Victoria, my girlfriend, Catherine and my peeps-Michael, Stanley and all of you…you’re a part of me!” Kyle ushered in all he invited.




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